We love curing and smoking bacon and do it the traditional way. All our’s are dry-cured Everything is then smoked using a selection of woods in our custom built smokers.

Dry-curing brings out the water in the meat and intensifies the flavour. In fact, rather than adding 15% water, we’re drawing out about 15% to create a deep flavour. The traditional way to dry-cure was to simply rub the meat each day with a salt mix and drain the water until cured. This method makes a very salty bacon that can keep without refrigeration. However, at Sloane’s we measure the exact amount of salt mix and seal it in a bag. Consequently, our bacon makes its own brine that’s later discarded rather than left in the meat. As a result, we get a consistent product with a salt content suited to a modern palates.

Once cured, we dry it and then slowly smoked to produce a great flavoured bacon that doesn’t shrink down to nothing when cooking.

People have been curing meat for centuries as a way to preserve valuable protein. Animals were typically slaughtered in the autumn after spending a long summer feeding nutrient-dense, natural food. Common examples of meat preservation are salting and drying, but even boiling and brining actually are methods to preserve meats.

Sadly most modern and commercially produced bacon is cured so quickly they lack the flavour that a good bacon should have. For example, today bacon can be injected with cure and made in a matter of hours. However, a traditional, dry-cured bacon takes a week or two to produce, if not more and this is why we feel Sloane’s is the best available.