A selection of bones and handmade dog food produced from the trimmings of same high-welfare meats we use in all our products.

As part of our Zero Waste and ‘Nose to Tail’ philosophy, we produce a range of dog food using up the areas that aren’t good enough to make a high quality sausage or burger. Everything comes from the same high welfare animals we use for our ‘human’ food, but made for our canine friends.

The old “eyeballs ‘n’ all” approach to sausages is far from what we do at Sloane’s, but we don’t like to see waste and want to use up those bits of trim and gristle that we don’t meet the quality we require for our sausages and burgers. So having started to produce butchers style dog food for his own dogs, Joe felt its was a perfect way of using up the trimmings.

As well as the trim we include a mix of offal to get the goodness your dog deserves.

As the saying goes ‘As fit as a butchers dog!’