Our Sundries Section is for the home Chef.

Are you an amateur chacutier? Many sundries like these can be hard to source in Thailand for a home cook, but we always want to encourge people to ‘play’ more in their kitchens. Just let us know if you need some curing salts or sausage casings for your home made products. We’re happy to sell you some and give advice on how best to use them.

Want to learn more?

We hold regular Butchery demos where we teach home chefs how to produce goods like Bacon and Sausages as well as demonstration on how a whole pig is broken down into the more familiar cuts.

It’s no secret that we’re passionate about animal welfare and supplying high quality products that are as natural as possible. However, we’re just as excited about seeing people get involved and learn new skills to empower them in the kitchen. Many of us have become so far removed from traditional cooking methods that we no longer appreciate or even understand the work that goes into making the food we consume, let alone the raw ingredients that they’re made from.

However, our workshops are designed to change that. Our interactive workshops encourage people to learn new skills and spend more time in the kitchen. Our workshops are usually held at the beautiful Sub-Zero and Wolf showroom in Thonglor.