We purchase our poultry from a selection of hand picked free-range and organic farms across Thailand. All use Permaculture methods and slow growing breeds for a more natural flavoursome chickens and ducks.

The problem with Poultry

Well, some poultry, that is. The kind commonly found in supermarkets and wet markets all over Thailand. The kind raised in squalid conditions that are unhealthy for the animal and the people who work with them

The problem with this kind of poultry has to do with animal welfare. The chickens grow up on unnatural feed that weakens their immune system and makes them susceptible to disease. Sick poultry needs medicine and antibiotics. Their space is limited to restrict movement because the goal is to fatten the poultry – and fast. This, unfortunately, is the problem with poultry in many parts of the world.

Therefore, it is a pleasure and privilege to work with a selection of farmers who do things differently. One of which is a an organic chicken cooperative in Nakhon Pathom province. Where a group of farmers have created a cooperative where they breed and raise chickens.

Via trial and error, they have identified the best ways to raise healthy chickens using organic feed and natural farming methods. As a result, the chickens feed on a mixture of organic rice bran and fermented vegetation to optimise their natural growth. They’re allowed to roam freely and the farmers don’t use antibiotics or medicine.

The result is a superior product that the farmers can sell at a premium. They use the extra money for more research to improve their practices even more. Consequently, more chickens live and die humanely and more people get to eat healthy and natural chickens.