Sloane’s uses makes a selection of stocks, sauces and rubs for the home cook. Our stocks are made from the bones of our high-welfare animals and slowly cooked.

Our Beef stock takes about 12 hours to produce and gives extra body to any beef dish or a great base to any sauce. Our lighter Chicken stock is a perfect base for any soup and there’s also our Onion Gravy to compliment a Bangers & Mash or Toad in the Hole.

Our range of rubs are a great addition to any chefs pantry and a quick easy way to spruce up your BBQ.

There’s also our Harrisa too. Purely as it’s Joe’s favourite and goes so well with so many things.

Inner Pickle

Justin started Inner Pickle started as a hobby, but after passing on some of his Christmas Chutney to Joe to try, Joe wanted more. Two years on, Justin now makes small batches of pickles and chutneys using only the best local ingredients, including items from his nearby brewery, Chit Beer.

Thai Pepper Products

Based in Chiang Rai, they contract farmers to grow Jalapenos in the nearby hills as they have the hot days and cool nights favoured by the Mexican chili pepper. What doesn’t get pickled is fermented and tuned into Thaibasco. A local version of the famous American Hot Sauce. Along side the hot sauces they also have their famous ‘Flaming Tiger’ Thai Whiskey BBQ sauce sold in a Thai Whiskey bottle. (sorry, no actual whiskey in here due to strict Thai alcohol laws!)

We enjoy playing around with different sauces and rubs, so more will be coming soon.