Sloane's Cheese Burger

The humble burger has had a comeback in recent years. From gourmet versions with foie gras and lobster to downright dirty, the bun and meat combo is all the rage. We’ll leave the crazier variations (ramen burger, anyone?) to other people and instead give you our take our Sloane’s Cheese Burger recipe.


Sloane’s Cheese Burger

Serves 4

1 Pack of  Sloane’s Thai Angus Beef Burgers
4 Burger Buns
1 pack of Provolone cheese slices
Little Gem Lettuce
Ripe, Red Tomato
Dill Pickles
Inner Pickle Ketchup

Sloane's Cheese Burger
Sloane’s Cheese Burger


The ingredients

Let’s start with the beef – to make a good burger you need good beef. Our beef burger is made from Thai Angus Beef that has been dry-aged for the best flavour. We use a selection of cuts to get the perfect ratio of fat to lean meat as well as the best cuts for extra flavour.

Bread –  Pick a good burger bun, Bangkok has numerous great bakeries now and they all do a great bun. Some will be milk based, others brioche based, but something soft that will help soak up the juices is perfect.

Cheese – We love strong cheddars, like our Vintage Cheddar, but they’re not right for a burger. We’re also not fans of the plastic wrapped fake cheese. But any good supermarket will have a selection of nice sliced cheese now. A milder cheddar works, but we prefer a Provolone slice.

Toppings – There’s always a mixed view on what should and shouldn’t go on a burger, but the freshness of some crisp lettuce and tomato and the sharpness of some sliced dill pickles balance out the meaty burger.

Sauces – We go for the classic ketchup, but a decent one makes a good improvement over the mass produced varieties. 


How to cook

For our Sloane’s Cheese Burger recipe, we prefer to cook a burger on a charcoal BBQ. The extra flavour is perfect for our dry-aged beef, but it can be done on a gas BBQ or a good pan if needed. It will still be great. If using a pan we always recommend a heavy based pan that holds the heat such as a cast iron pan.

Whether it’s a BBQ or a pan, it’s important to cook at the correct temperature.  Keep your BQQ grill or pan at a medium to high heat. If using charcoal, you want the coals to have burnt down to an ash to get an even heat. 

Make sure your hot grill or pan is lightly oiled. When placing the burgers on you want to hear a good sizzling noise. Once on just leave them to get a good sear and turn only once. Regular turning can toughen the meat, and if you turn too soon the burgers may stick. Aim for about 3-4 minutes and then turn and cook the same on the other side.

Unless you’re making a ‘smash’ burger, don’t press on the burgers. You want to keep those juices inside. Once cooked leave on the side to rest. Like all meats, resting is a vital part of cooking a good burger and it allows the juices even out. We usually add the cheese slice when it first comes off the grill and it will slowly melt while the meat rests. Five minutes is all that’s needed and gives you time to grill your bun.

Now build your burger and enjoy!

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Recipe by Joe Sloane