Calves Liver, Bacon, and Onion Gravy

Need some dinner inspiration? Make this delicious Calves Liver, Bacon, and Onion Gravy that you can make at home by using our Sloane’s Calves Liver and Smoked Bacon. The ingredients 1x 300g packets Sloane’s Calves Liver 1x 250g packet Sloane’s Smoked Bacon 500ml Sloane’s Onion Gravy 1kg large potatoes 150ml milk 100g butter Salt & […]

Not all bacon is created equal

Good things come to those who wait สิ่งดีดีมักจะมาหาผู้ที่รู้จักรอคอยเสมอ People have been curing meat for centuries as a way to preserve valuable protein. Animals were typically slaughtered in the autumn after spending a long summer feeding nutrient-dense, natural food. Common examples of meat preservation are salting and drying, but even boiling and brining actually are methods […]