Sloane’s Pulled Pork 


If have the time and equipment a freshly smoked pulled pork is amazing straight from the smoker. Its not hard, just takes time.

Best start with a Boston Butt as this cut perfect for log slow smokes. The butt comes from the shoulder and has great marbeling to keep it moist. Make sure its on the bone with the skin removed. Rub the meat with your favourite pork rub and slowly smoke at 100C/ 210F for about 6-8 hours.

Once cooked, remove the from the smoker and carefully pull the pork apart and remove the bone. While hot, season with more of the rub and add some BBQ sauce (we use a mix of reduced pork stock and BBQ sauce).

The mix should be slightly smokey, a little spicy and a slight sweetness to balance the spice.



Sounds like too much work? Not a problem, just buy some of our ready to eat Pulled Pork instead.

Sloane’s Pulled Pork Bun


Sloane’s 16 hour smoked Pulled Pork

Soft Burger Bun

Red Slaw (Red cabbage, Red Onion, Beetroot, Red wine Vinegar, salt, pepper, sugar)

Thai Whiskey BBQ Sauce 

Serial Picklers Dill Pickles 

Serial Picklers Pickled Jalapeno 

  1. To heat the Pulled Pork, just place in to a pan and rently warm through (a microwave can be used too)
  2. After heating, give the mix a good stir to mix the sauce and meat together again.
  3. Place onto the base of the burger bun and top with a slaw of your choice (I like the red slaw with this and it can be made a day in advance and keeps well too)
  4. Top with pickles, either the dill pickles or the pickled jalapeno’s if you like it spicy or both!
  5. Add a little BBQ sauce and enjoy!